Please, follow the instructions below.

Type out the details below one-by-one in your text message and provide your details in front of each of them for clarity and better understanding, and send them to 08034207834 (Please Do Not Call This Telephone Number Because It Is Strictly for Text Messages).

The required details are:


Date of Transaction:

Bank Paid To:

Deposit Slip Number:

Amount Paid:

Depositor Name (As written on the deposit slip):


Bulk SMS Website Address:


For Example, your payment details must be sent like this:

Date of Transaction: 22/01/2015

Bank Paid To: GTBank or ZENITH Bank

Deposit Slip Number: 2516031

Amount Paid: N1,485

Depositor Name: Adenson Laha

Username: KingKong

Website: BulkSMSServices.Net


Please note that we won't be able to address your issue if you don't follow the format as prepared above and we won't be able to credit your bulk SMS account if any of the required detail is missing in your message or if any one of them does not correspond with what we have in our record.


Bulk SMS Nigeria's DON'TS

1) Do not pay less than N500 for bulk SMS. The minimum amount we accept as a payment for bulk SMS is N500.

3) Do not use telephone number or any form of number as a SENDER ID.

4) Do not copy message contents and/or recipients' phone numbers from Microsoft Word or Excel to avoid irregularities in message delivery.

5) No matter what happens, do not refresh COMPOSE SMS page after clicking SEND SMS. If your system shows a blank page or the browser continues rolling after clicking SEND SMS as a result of internet connection problem, close the COMPOSE SMS page/window and open a new window to continue using the platform.

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