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We made the most reliable and the best quality web-based SMS messaging platform available to you round the clock.

BulkSMSServices.Com offers an international standard SMS gateway that you need when you want to send SMS.

Our online SMS portal can send a message to bulk GSM numbers in millions directly or via our SMS API.

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It is important to note that we have Dos And Donts that you need to carefully read to know and understand everything about our SMS platform.

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Irresistible SMS Prices For Bulk Orders

The cost of our SMS delivery service ranges from N1.85kobo to N2.50kobo per page, depending on the quantity.

We sell 1000 to 9.9 million bulk SMS units at N1.95kobo per SMS. Our mind-blowing SMS price is N1.85kobo per SMS for a bulk order of 10 million SMS upward.

When you sign up for our service and pay N1950, you get 1000 online SMS to send your messages at N1.95 per page of SMS to Nigeria GSM numbers in bulk. The best discount price. uses 1 SMS to send a page of text messages (160 characters) to Glo and 9mobile numbers. It uses 1.22 units to send SMS to MTN and 1.32 to deliver a page of text messages to Airtel numbers in Nigeria.

The more SMS you buy, the lower the price you pay.

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Easy Process To Follow To Buy SMS in Bulk

To buy SMS in bulk on, first of all, you need to create an SMS account with us. After then, you take our bank account details to make a payment of N500 upward. Immediately after making the payment, submit a transaction notification for the amount paid. You get your SMS account credited within 15 minutes after payment details submission.


Quick And Simple Steps To Send Online SMS

When you want to send an SMS online, Register on, log in to your account, Click "Compose SMS", Enter your Customized Sender ID, Input the Recipients' telephone number(s) and type your message. Then, click "SEND SMS".


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