Cheap and Reliable Bulk SMS @ N1.95/SMS with guaranteed instant SMS delivery service to Nigeria GSM subscribers.

Cheap And Reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria is our bulk SMS service website where we render reliable and cheap services which include Bulk SMS and Targeted SMS services to organizations and individuals in Nigeria. The cost of bulk SMS service on our platform starts from N1.85kobo to N2.50kobo per page of SMS, depending on the quantity of SMS. We provide 1000 to 9.9 million SMS units @ N1.95k per SMS.

You can get our cheap bulk SMS service ceaselessly by opening an SMS account with us for free. We accept different payment options like cash deposit, cheque deposit and any form of transfer, which you can use to buy bulk SMS from our company. Exploit the amazing strength and affordable offers derivable from using our online SMS service to deliver bulk text messages to all the GSM service providers' networks in Nigeria. Instant SMS messaging delivery is guaranteed.

Our SMS platform has the capacity to send a text message to thousands or millions of Nigeria GSM numbers directly or via our SMS API. We provide bulk SMS solutions through our online messaging services according to the Nigerians' needs. Our bulk messaging service does not have an expiry date. Your SMS balance remains valid and active for as long as it takes you to exhaust it. Offering you the cheapest and reliable online mass texting services in Nigeria make us feel fulfilled. Our bulk SMS service is practically inevitable in Nigeria due to its flexibility, reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness.


Sender ID Registration For SMS Delivery To MTN Numbers

It is required to register sender IDs before bulk SMS users can get messages delivered with customized sender IDs to the MTN numbers in Nigeria. All the sender IDs to be used have to be submitted for registration. Your messages will not be delivered to MTN numbers if the sender IDs are not registered.
To test bulk SMS delivery on our website as a new user, click PRSI to choose a sender ID to use for the test and send it to a GSM number. After the message is delivered, you can go ahead to submit sender IDs that you intend to be using in sending your messages on our SMS platform.

Instant SMS Delivery

We deliver online SMS instantly to all GSM numbers in Nigeria. Our SMS gateway delivers a text message to the recipients' contact telephone numbers in less than 3 seconds.

Device for Online Text Messaging
You can send bulk SMS on our text-messaging website through an internet-enabled device. It simply means that you can use a mobile phone, tablet and computer (laptop or desktop) to access our SMS platform and send text messages to your subscribers' contact list whenever you want.

Swift and Secured SMS Platform
Our SMS platform is a fast and secured SMS website. We have the latest technologies in place and top-level developers who are online security experts, working around the clock.

Straightforward and Simple SMS Gateway
We provide a user-friendly SMS interface. You do not need any special skill before you can use our SMS platform to send text messages. It is very simple and easy to use.

Top-Class Customer Care
Our customer care team works 24/7 to ensure that you have a hitch-free bulk text messaging experience on our SMS website.

Cheap SMS Service
We offer competitive prices without compromising on your desired quality service. We use 1 SMS to deliver a page of text message (160 characters) to 9mobile, MTN and Glo numbers while we use 1.23 units of SMS to deliver a page of text message to Airtel numbers in Nigeria.


Free SMS Units

We give 3 free units of SMS to every newly created bulk SMS account to confirm our text messaging delivery. In addition, you can send bulk SMS for free on our SMS platform by clicking USE FREE SMS to send your message on the COMPOSE SMS page to GSM numbers in Nigeria.


What are you still waiting for? Sign up now to test our bulk SMS service for free.

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