BulkSMSServices offers bulk SMS at a cheaper rate. This bulk SMS platform uses 1 unit of SMS to deliver a page of a text message to Airtel and 9mobile, while the units for DND delivery to both MTN and Glo GSM numbers are 1.7 units of SMS (Your messages will be delivered to MTN and Glo numbers that are on "Do Not Disturb" DND) and this is at very competitive wholesale prices, depending on the volume of SMS. Our bulk SMS do not expire, they are valid for as long as it can take you. You can use the bulk SMS anytime you want.


How To Make Payment For Bulk SMS

Users are advised to use SMS and USERNAME in making payment, either cash deposit or transfer. For instance, let's assume that my username is GOLD4EVER and I want to make a cash deposit for bulk SMS. I will simply write SMS GOLD4EVER on the deposit slip as depositor's name. If I am making a transfer, I will simply type SMS GOLD4EVER in the space for REMARK/NARRATION/PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION/REFERENCE, depending on the bank that I am transferring from.


 Bulk SMS Service Prices

Quantity Range (No of SMS Units) Price Per Unit (Naira)
1-499 N2.00
500 - 999 N1.95
1,000 - 99,999 N1.90
100,000 - 999,999 N1.85
1,000,000 - 9,999,999 N1.80
10,000,000 Upward N1.75



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